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Actually younger oaks are harder to establish lawn under than mature oaks... lower limb trimming is a good idea in most cases, as long as the client doesn't get the idea that it will solve the shade problem...
A light tilling at least 2" deep is also a good idea...

Then,,, overseed and cover with compost and that should be enough fertilizer till the end of the Summer heat...
Half the fert when in Shade... at least that is how cool-season shade grasses operate... forcing topgrowth with N doesn't work in shade...
I've heard that half the fert for southern grasses in the shade is also true... always mulch mow or side shoot, becuz the extra encouragement for the turf is going to be necessary in competing with tree roots...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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