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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
I refuse to push mow, lol, the few with small gates around here have installed a larger gate for me. Our lawns are much bigger on average than your location. In the heat of Summer, push mowing would really bring me down and my help would be frowning every time they had to push.
I haven't had any luck getting a bigger gate installed. Like I said I only have 3 regular customers that need the push mower, one is a duplex for a property management company (no interest in bigger gate), one has a 36" gate at the corner and there is no room for a larger gate and the last doesn't have a gate just tight back lawn on each side of the house and seawall with patio so the larger mower is a no go back there. The bank owned properties I could do like some of the hacks and rip out cut down sections of fence but I don't operate like that.

I am thinking I will need to go self propelled.
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