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Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
why limit yourself? If you are the limiting factor, you didnt set your business up correctly. Successful managers train others so that one day they are out of a job. As the owner, dont you want to be out of a job one day?
HAHA with an avatar like that somehow I knew Efficiency was going to chime in. I somewhat agree with what you are saying, but I feel that with the size stated, I can hire an office manager and do minimal work and still clear 100k plus a year. Thats good enough for me. I don't need to be "rich biach." On another note, I have talked with several larger fert companies and their cancellation rate is much higher, and their tech turnover is huge too. I firmly believe that the larger you are, the more you are going to have quality issues because of poor tecs. If you only need 4, you can pick the cream of the crop, if you need 24, you are getting the bottom of the barrel.
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