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My bench doesn't have much of anything on it. Despite doing this kind of work for 45 years, I just haven't kept much. When I'm done repairing something, if there's any old parts or nuts and bolts left over, they go in the trash. Any stuff that does get lucky and is not thrown away immediately only sits around for a year or two before I chuck it. I have 60 feet of wall in my garage and there isn't an inch to spare for old junk. Between 2 full size tool boxes, 2 bench grinders, a 6 foot workbench and scads of shelves loaded with more tools, new nuts, bolts, screws etc., lawn chemicals, shop chemicals, cleaning products, spray paints, and just tons of stuff, there just isn't any more room. I also have a large shed and that has my heavy tools (shop crane, tow bar etc), the extra 36" WB, a lit seeder, pressure washer, huge barrel full of shovels, rakes, post hole diggers, etc, chainsaw, pole saw, back up 2 strokes and back back blower, hundreds of pounds of fert and grass seed, spreaders, and other stuff.

I really don't have time to try to keep up with old junk.

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