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Rob and Slapper, since your remarks regarding the significance of a clean work bench, I've been forced to work extra hard to reestablish my self esteem as reevaluate the qaulity of my work--it had sunk to an all time low.

Yeah, three years ago, I could have been accused of having a nasty workbench and junk out parts serving as wall decorations. Unfortunately, that had to change when I'm now forced to work out of half of a double garage and drive way. I've got about 5 feet of workbench for my vise but most of my work is done on an adjustable height 30"x48" rack. That rack is mounted to an old Gray pneumatic bumper jack--a jack from the era when vehicles really had bumpers. Eventually I'll have to post a pic when I can come up with a camera.

Incidentally, no DaisyMae's allowed here--we do have a highway load limit ya know. On the other hand, Slapper, you may be able to smuggle one or two in with that big smokin' BBQ outfit--portable sauna. If you can cook on the road, you may even have 'em down to size and lookin' pretty good in the 9 or 10 hours it takes to get here.
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