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Originally Posted by clydebusa View Post
This is from USlawns web site.

Who will I communicate with and see on my property once we become a customer of U.S. Lawns?
At each service visit you will see our trained, uniformed crew in a well-marked, fully logoed U.S. Lawns vehicle. They will be supervised by a crew leader who will make contact with you or your designated representative during this visit. They will also leave behind, on-site where practical, a Landscape Management Report which details the services they have performed as well as potential services to be addressed in following visits.

Additionally, the U.S. Lawns owner will communicate with you regularly, including performing site visits and discussing your property's ever-changing needs over the phone or in person. The owner and crew are supported by a local office staff trained to efficiently address your administrative requirements.

Yes this true when the site is within a branch offices territory. Otherwise standard US lawns protocal is standard except for the US Lawns marked vehicles and uniformed employees. When the subcontractor takes on a account they will use US lawn literature, work orders, etc. They are expected to fulfill all standards and qualification set in the US lawns contract. This is pretty much standard protocal with all nationals dealing with accounts outside their territory.
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