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Originally Posted by mowinginva View Post
I have been in the market for a 6-8" chipper and have come across a Bandit model 65. It is either a '98 or '99 with single feed roller. Wisconsin engine which the owner believes to be 30 hp. I am also told it has 1800-1900 hours. They are asking $5000. I would appreciate any input as to your thoughts on the described machine and what you think of the price. Thanks.
I own a Brush Bandit 65, and love it! It will chip anything under 6 inches, anything over is firewood. Chipped six 40 to 60 foot fir tree's branches in a afternoon.
Normally they sell for $6,000+ used, so its a pretty good Deal. I got lucky and snagged mine from a rental center that was closing For $3,800. Had a new engine (old one was burning oil) and the paints faded.

If you are doing tree work full time, I'd say get a bigger one just to handle bigger branches, but if you are starting out in tree work, or do landscaping,(like me) I'd say get The bandit.

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