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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
I know the 1/3 rule. If I was able to do that or something close I would mulch. Believe me, I would rather not bag. Its a pita. It is pretty much industry standard here that you have to bag. The guys with a pick up truck and trailer might let it fly...but it looks like crap and you definitely notice when you drive by. Most of the year on a nice is 5-6 inches when I go to cut it(sometimes higher)AFTER ONE WEEK OF GROWTH. It would be impossible for me to let that fly, believe me I have tried. Then like the other guy said, with the dew in the morning and occasional rain and wet grass to mow. You would understand if you cut up here. Like I said if I cut 2 or 3 times a week, we could easily mulch. I haven't met a person yet who wants me to cut their lawn that much though. Therefore....bagging it is. we cut at about 3.25 inches. Most guys cut right at 3. some at 2 1/2 and some at 3 1/2. I am on the high side and have had quite a few people ask me to cut the lawn shorter. I do not adjust my cut heights, mainly because a I only have a two mowers with quick adjust. Just the way it is. I also have a $40 minimum per lawn.
i understand this because i'm from ct, and i have convinced a few of my customers that from april-june their lawns grow so quickly they need to be cut 2x per week and they allow it, and my schedule allows it so i do. it really makes things go smoothly for me. if don't cut them twice a week then i have to go over almost the whole lawn 2 or 3 times and i don't get paid for that. cutting them 2x a week i go over them once each time and get paid. or i could bag them both and it would take a lot more time, but i hate bagging, in fact my bagger system will be coming off once spring clean ups are done, and i will bag a lawn if a customer requests it but it will come at a high price because it literally takes 2x as long if not more to bag a bigger yard.
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