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Hey fellas

The prybar I picked up at an estate sale years ago and always used it like a lady slipper for blind bearing removal and general bearing removal where space was limited

Sooooo you guys may be right it actually my be for split rims but I never used it for that.

Here's a couple pics of Lady Slippers and specialty prybars that I use alot.Once you figure out how many uses they have and how they can help you they will simply amaze you.

The littlest ones get used daily .Ever try to align covers or shields and get your butt kicked.Well get one side kinda lined up shove the lady slipper in till she bottoms out and the taper of the shank lines the holes up and acts as a third hand.At that point jump to another hole and line the panels up and start your bolts.

The Red thingy is a railroad jack(gear driven)and if you can put a long enough leverage bar in the sucker you could probably pick up a mountain.
I have picked up 10 tons with this jack on a regular basis.
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