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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Honest serious question. If your not bagging much grass does a Walker really have a place...?

I can understand cutting once and bagging for speed but I target mainly smaller lawns and mulch mow.
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Exact Rototilling it sounds like the Walker MB 23 efi with a mulching deck would be right up your alley! They are incredible on those smaller yards and if need be you can throw a larger SD deck on them for larger properties. We use to bag all of our smaller yards with our GHS units and have switch all of them to the MB's with mulching decks and our client's can't tell a difference. Walker made it possible for us to mulch. We tried a few other brands with mulch kits and they just didn't live up to the quality of a bagged Walker cut.The MB's are also faster and are like a mountain goat on hillsides. So yes Walker still has a strong place in our industry. Add a Super B into the equation and you will be able to cover the larger properties as well. The GHS models will always be king for bagging but may not be as popular in today's economy but Walker does have a strong portfolio. Don't count them out just yet. Take a MB and a MBS demo. I'm sure you will be impressed.
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