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Help With Reseeding

We just purchased a new home last year on 6 acres. Probably about 3.5 acres is yard and the rest is woods. The yard is honestly terrible. Huge dead patches, huge lumps of crab grass, and assorted patches of zoysia. Really looks hideous. I want to reseed but I have some concerns.

First concern is we have an infestation of moles. I'm talking hundreds! I'm tried the poison peanuts but I simply can't afford that method. It's too expensive considering the amount of moles I have. I was told I have so many moles because my woods are infested with Japanese beetles that lay their eggs in the ground and the moles are eating the eggs. So we've spent an enormous amount of time thinning the woods out. Anything not as big around as my calf got cut down. All the scrub vegetation and vines are gone too.

So my first question is should I get rid of the moles before I reseed? If so, what method?

Second concern is that I live in southeast Missouri and we have fairly cool winters and dry summers. Last summer was a drought. I don't know what kind of grass seed would be best for me. I've been told tall fescue but I don't know for sure. I do know that I hate the zoysia.

So my next question is should I use my tractor and till up the whole yard before reseeding or should I use a chemical to kill what I have now?

I know this is a lot of questions. Any help would be appreciated.
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