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We do alot of planting at the forest preserve and my my company. We will remove top half of the burlap and all twin and if it has a wiire basket. If the tree has a large canopy and will be like a sail, we will put on guide wires.

Nurseries around here tend to use synthetic twin to sew the burlap tight. If I need to keep the ball in the hole as complete unit due to a lose ball from moving it around to much. That I will just remove the syntheic twin and come back the following year to remove or check if the twin has broke down. Some people dont agree with keeping any thing on the the ball but this has worked for me over the years.

On the grow bags, we use them alot on reforestation projects at the forest preserve. We get mostly oaks. They are 1-1.5" in size. The bags create a very fiberous root system. The bags must come of when planting. The bag is treated so when the roots hit the bag it will burn the tip and encourage more roots.
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