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For thatch fest lawns Spring aeration cures thatch in the spots the plugs are pulled. My premise is if the client skipped the Fall and Winterizer recommend fert....this is the next best thing.

There is just such a high level of apathy here locally for Fall aerations as being important that I'm not going to talk people out of it unless the thatch layer is in check.

Customer education on proper watering, mowing height and correct applications of fert and herbicides is the most frustrating part of this business for me.

What I'm doing this year is bundling Fall aeration with my season long fert programs for smaller lawns. For really thatch lawns I will perform a Spring as well as 2 additional peak growing season aerations.

Countless times I had potential clients say I had mine aerated 3 years ago or even last Fall and their lawn is a complete and total thatch fest. And they are convinced it doesn't need to be done again for some time.
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