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Your in climactic zone 6a, that's too cold for bermuda. Mo. is too hot in the summer for ryegrass, tall fescue might be your best choice.

The "NTEP" rated "Bullseye" the #1 tall fescue in Columbia Mo. (= MO1) but it had only a 6.2 score, that's fairly low.

The "NTEP" rated "PST-2NBS" (which is a grower's name and wouldn't be used for sale's) the #1 ryegrass in Columbia Mo. (= MO1)

You really need to consult the extension agency closest to you. These people are a excellent resource for anything related to your yard and can recommend the best seed for you.

All that said, Sept. 1 is the right date to plant fescue. Any grass you plant now probably will not make it through the summer, the root system just isn't there. I know you have spring fever, but spend the next 6 month's getting your yard ready to seed, you might be surprised how fast that time go's. If you do this, you will definitely have a better chance of success. Good luck.
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