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Getting my 52" V-ride tomorrow!

Should I:
A. Get the universal mulching plate
B. Side discharge everything
C. Get the dedicated mulch deck on it

If A or B, should I upgrade blades?

I want to mulch as close to 100% as possible. I have a Walker that needs a little TLC that I can use for bagging for the customers that are stingy with not letting me mulch or overgrown yards that have to be bagged.

But there are alot of unknowns with how much it will cost to fix and for how long it will last, so I would love to have the option to bag with the Scag, so basically is the mulching deck significantly better enough to warrant the mower to being totally dedicated, or is there not that much difference? How much difference is there between the mulching deck and a deck with upgraded blades and a plate on it? Because then with tall or wet grass I can take the plate off and either side discharge it or bag it to disperse the clippings better.

Sorry for the long post,
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