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Fert Dust & Vanguard 16 hp motor

To whom it may concern.
I took both of my Z's to the shop AGAIN for a stator gone bad. One little spot of fert stuck to one of the copper coils and its just a matter of time before its shot. One has been fixed already last week. I took the second one in today.

Possible fix.

My mechanic has hired a retired gentleman that spent years rewinding electric motors. He said that when these type parts/motors are wound the bare wires are treated with a basic varnish of some type mainly to protect it from atmospheric conditions. He has found a high strength, chemical resistant varnish to apply to the copper wires and is going to apply at least a couple of coats to the bare wires on a new stator and it will be installed. Hopefully it will last longer than 4 months like the last few I've had installed. We will see.

Just thought some of you might be interested
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