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broke a cable line with aerator today!

how deep are these lines supposed to be? this one was about 1 inch under the soil. I was doing a lawn renovation for a friend, spent about 4 hours out there, no charge. I aerated, roto-tilled a few areas.. seed and starter fert that i supplied.. i spent some time with a rake trying to level out areas.. I think i did a good job i hope they water!.. lol. i feel like a total jackass for hitting that line, but there was no way to know it was there, i didn't think you needed to call 811 to aerate? i always just watched out for sprinkler heads.

anyways, no exchange of money.. they were gonna watch my kid a day or two while i was at work. but they were not gonna hesitate to send me the bill for the cable line... lol. I managed to get them to let me pull it up and fix it.. I have a feeling they were trying to get money and fix themselves.. it was gonna be over 100 for comcast to do it according to them. its so good to have great friends. never again..
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