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Originally Posted by Leland Lawn View Post
Oh yeah? That's the exact problem I have with my trimmer rack! Although I was thinking maybe I could cut it off and move the bars closer together. Im not sure if I want to do that yet though. I keep my bent shaft trimmers in the bed of my pickup, and the straights on the trailer. Its a pain to unload everything from the back everyday, but Ive found that some things are actually a bit safer in the back of a truck.
Yeah I just put the rack on yesterday evening and my curved shaft definitely doesn't fit haha. I'm just gonna keep it in the back of my truck along with my blowers and gas cans, until I get a couple blower racks down the road. I'm actually going to build removable side walls onto my trailer tomorrow. I just did an estimate on a good size clean-up with haul away so if I get it I need to have a way to haul with my trailer. Even if I don't get it, I'll have walls built up for my trailer for future clean-ups!

Also, just landed a bi-weekly with sprinkler maint., a weekly/spring clean-up, and waiting on an additional bid for weeding/cleanups/mowing. So I'll have to see how it goes!
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