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Bravo is by far the better bagger in wet lush conditions. However I would never get rid of my exmark 36 hydro. It is the goto medium large lawn even if it is wet. The Toro 30 is a great machine, time will tell but wet conditions it lacks a bit as did the exmark 26 until I put the super highlift blade on, non stock fab blade. Hoping exmark/toro sees this thread and starts working on a highlift blade just for bagging. So far the Toro 30, Bravo 25 and Exmark 36 hydro are our goto machines and ride on every trailer. the 30 gets used over the 25 predominately but time will tell. Will never get rid of the 25/21 completely there are just too many houses with ac units too close to the fence that a 30 won't fit by.

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Depends what 32/36 WB's...?

Sildoc should chime in on the TurfMaster vs yBravo25. He said somewhere they are both about the same power wise. I have last years TimeMaster and I basically agree on the power factor.

There are few smaller type places I mow exclusively with the TimeMaster 30. Noticeably faster than the yBravo25. Back mowed lower. The Exmark front adjustment would not fly with me.

Hands down in the land of bag-fest mowing and tons of GHS have to get in control of the fert program. Bagging is more popular here than mulch or side discharge. Go heavy on Fall side of fert back off this TG/Senske Spring mowing nightmare with 7 APS.

If I mow for a client that insists on TG Senske thatch fest 7 ap mowing nightmare plan I charge them more or I quit or they can switch over to my fert plan.
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