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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Not sure what you mean by "using sprayer correct" and "overload"??? I know how to use a boom sprayer set up on a zero turn platform ...I do have an auxillary tank that I use on only one of the units and it is never operated simultaneously with the factory sprayer so if that's what you mean by overload??...but to answer your question no, I have seen all stators after they have been removed.

It is very obvious that the motor sucks in fert dust and some of it ends up under the flywheel on the stator. The wires will have turquoise pockmarks. Some have been in worse condition than others but as it was explained to me, "It takes only one strand of wire on only one of the coils to be compromised with corrosion and the whole part is toast".

I'm not even going to go into the fert that I used all last year...
I gave up. I can't afford to keep replacing stators. Not only the mechanic bill, parts, etc. but the dang downtime.

I just wired up a deep cycle battery and I charge it each day. Only thing I know to do.

My only complaint about the Z. Something needs to be done. It's BS.
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