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the line got taped back together last night and kinda worked, but i went out to splice it all back together with connectors i got from radio shack. it wouldn't work. so, I pulled up the cable in the area, and found that it was hardly an inch in the ground. and I had actually chewed the line all to hell about 6 different spots. the line wasn't visible at all, still it wasn't buried deep enough. this cable line never had a chance. I told them to call comcast back, and make sure they tell them that the line wasn't buried deep enough and they need to fix it for no charge. hopefully that works out. because if they don't fix it, i'm gonna buy a new line and fix it and bury it myself. so a freebie job will turn into me paying to work. I think a disclaimer sounds good... from here on out i'm gonna have something like that in writing.
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