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Gas and payroll are going to be the same. Maybe its time to raise your prices.....gasp..... No more mulch for 29 dollars a yard, no more cuts for 19.95.....gasp......

Got into a conversation with a guy yesterday. I told him they need to quit working for so cheap. He says but i mow 8 lawns on this street, i can put one truck at the end and it doesnt move for 4 hours and i make 200 bucks!!! I said yeah well i cut 4 lawns on this street and we are done in 1 hr and 15 minutes and i make 195.00 bucks.

Who's winning? hes still there for another 3 hours and im gone and off to my next cluster.

The problem is the guys that want to be big big big and only can get lawns on price alone. How about a little personal care and relationships to grow slower but get higher priced work? Most guys dont want to wait for that though.

Talked to a guy who is heavy in your area justin, company starts with a bea, Hes complaining that every one is so cheap. He just couldn't believe it when i told him HE WAS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM. Every one is trying to match or beat your price. I gave him a specific street and said i mow those for 55 a piece and you mow them for 28....... why? I have a feeling Mr. Obama's health care mandate will deal a blow to that company.
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