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Originally Posted by sklandscape View Post
...the house im doing is 2 acres and needs a full restoration pulling out old bushes, leveling the ground and planting grass needs to look brand new there's only dirt
Okay, this whole "daily" pricing thing is a different tactic than what I use. If it works I guess go for it, but here's my .02.

So the lot size is 2 acres, which going buy a "Builders Acre", you're looking at 80,000 sq ft, minus the house, garage, land/hardscaped areas. I would look at this as more of a "landscape" job, not a maintenance gig.

First, how many bushes? A few, or rows of 20? How many actual sq feet of "dirt" are you playing with? What grade do you need to set? Typically you want a 2% grade sloping away from the house when establishing a new lawn to help with proper drainage. To measure this, put a stake at the house, then another stake 50ft away. Take a string and tie to both stakes, and make sure it's level. The distance between the second stake and the ground from the string should be 1ft or more. If so, your slope is fine. If not, you need to move some dirt around. Are you going with seed or sod? And you will definitely need topsoil because a subgrade (initial layer of dirt all tilled up) won't support a lawn. Again, this ties in to how much sq footage you'r dealing with. You want between 4-6 inches of topsoil on top of the subgrade you initially tilled. Then you can lay your sod/seed.

Get all your measurements, then get your cost of materials to complete the job. Next, you're going to want to rent a machine. Go rent a compact tractor with a 3-Point grader and front end loader. That's probably $200 a day on the high end. This will allow you to get everything done fast and efficient, especially by yourself. Say you can get the job done in 2 or 3 days, it's about $400 to $600, however the price of the job would make that affordable. You can have all your material delivered, and the job would make you much more money if you did it in 2 days, not 2 months. 2 full days planned the right way is much more efficient than 2 months.

Final point. I cannot give you any advice on what to charge. I have no idea your costs and cost of supplies. What I can advise you on is do not do this job over 2 months. Get it done how it should and can be done, which is in a few days.
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