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Honda GXV620 engine - seized bolt

I have the Honda GXV620 engine on a Hustler Fastrak mower. The fuel filter lives behind the air filter on that engine, and after taking off the air filter housing and filter, there are two bolts at the top of the plastic casing which need to be removed before the casing can be removed to show the fuel filter. The bolts aren't big - but the nut of the bolt is a square nut held in place in the plastic casing for the engine - ie the top plate with the fan grille etc.

For some reason, one of those bolts has seized up and when I try to undo the bolt, the nut starts to strain against the sides of its plastic holder and if I put more pressure on, it simply rotates round, forcing its way inside its holder.

So, I thought I would put some metal strips down the sides of the square nut - I got an old saw blade down one side, but all that happens is that the pressure of turning the bolt makes the plastic strain outwards even more with no sign of the bolt coming free. So, I tried using a clamp across the top of the engine casing to hold the plastic in, but no luck with that. I've put WD40 on the nut to help loosen it.

So, at the moment, I am stuck.

Any thoughts?

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