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Thats the problem. Both these companies im referring to actually do very nice work. One of them i would have to say produces the best looking lawns around. Use that quality as a stepping stone to raise your rates. Do you run the risk that joe's mow blow and go will steal that lawn when you raise the rate? yes but i bet 9 out of 10 recognize your quality work and will stay with you. Could you imagine mowing 400 lawns and raising the rates not a few bucks but 10-20 dollars per lawn? Now you r making money not just spinning your wheels.

If you have 20 trucks on the road you as a owner need to be making 6 figures with ease. Into the 200-300k range or your just kidding yourself. The guys that arnt making money are the ones putting it onto their self and the industry.

Its time to wake up, smell the coffee and realize you dont have to give the vegetable stand away. Things are coming back strong.
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