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Rick- Have you come up with a great way to fill your Eco-lawn? My sister-in-law will be doing much of the new sand topdressing and I'd love to streamline things for her. Anyone ever think to trim the hopper height by 5-7 inches to allow it to fit under the edge of a standard truck tailgate? I have a load-handler where you simply crank the side handle to convey the material to the back. In the past I tried backing up onto Rhino ramps to increase the height so I could crank it right into the hopper but that wasn't so great having to crank it up-hill. She might just end up having to drive the Isuzu dumptruck job to job & fill it out of the back of that 'cause the Tundra can't hold much anyhow.
Concerning moisture- you are much better off dry 'cause that prevents excessive bridging in the unit. Here's a pic of my most recent screener to separate any tid-bits of rubbish that was misssed in the compost. Amazing how a $100 slap-together expanded metal sheet gives me a powdery material compared to my suppliers $250k unit.
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