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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I do not go to doctors that are representatives of Pfizer, Novartis, Blue Cross, Kaiser, etc. I go to doctors that want to get me healthy and keep me that way with minimal diagnostic procedures and pharmaceuticals. Likewise, I am not a rep for Bayer, Syngenta, etc. I will not make up for bad mowing and irrigation practices by keeping a lawn soaked with herbicides.
Greendoctor, I don't know if you ever watched the Seinfeld show when it was on TV but I swear, you are the "Soup Nazi" of lawn care.

I rarely take the stance you do but occasionally it is necessary.

Last year, I had a customer send in the payment for his first app in a timely manner as usual. He included a note saying he felt like "he was just throwing money at me with no results. there's patches of weeds here and there throughout the lawn". For 3 years I had been leaving him notes on his invoice each application that his lawn would do much better and he would like the look of his lawn much better if he would mow it a bit higher. He regularly mowed it at 3/4" to 1 " with a John Deere lawn tractor(Bermudagrass)

Each year, after I had applied the Fall pre-emergent and it had been watered in(he tended to overwater also), he went out and mowed his lawn for the last time of the season and as usual, he skinned the SOB. I usually sprayed his lawn around the end of October. By January, he would have annual bluegrass emerge.

After reading his note, I went out to confirm what I already knew...Sure enough, the only weed/s present in his lawn was Poa Annua.

I had already deposited his check so I wrote a check to him from the business account as a refund for his first app and composed a letter to him reminding him of all of the notes that I had written on invoices about mowing too low and that the main reason his lawn had the one variety of weed it had was that he mowed it too low going into dormancy. I was polite and explained that I did not want him to feel like he was "throwing money at me" and that he would probably be much happier finding someone else to treat his lawn.

I no longer treat that lawn of course, but I still drive by it every 6-7 weeks and it is consistently mowed at 2-2.5" now.

I guess it took a CHECK attached to a note to finally get the message.
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