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The thing is, most of the guys on here are lawn care professionals and they're used to dealing with zero turns in the $6,000.00 and up range. Real pro grade equipment. You're inquiring about a $3,000.00 mower and in that range, most of us are thinking used walk behind with a sulky. That's just how most professionals will look at it - rather have a used piece of commercial equipment than a new piece of home owner equipment.

If I had to have a brand new zero turn and I couldn't spend more than three grand, I'd go pick up a Toro or Ariens home owner model from home depot. If all you'll be mowing is your own yard, it'll be fine.

Now, back to Hustler. What you described is exactly why I have no interest in purchasing Hustler products. Here where I live, there are three Scag dealers, four Exmark dealers, two Toro dealers, and three JD dealers. All are big time commercial grade equipment dealers within 70 miles of each other. The Hustler dealer has a little shack repair shop out in the sticks with one Fast Trak in stock.
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