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I agree with a comment here about the smaller lawns having a higher profit. I get $40-45 dollars per lawn. We get alittle higher because we make sure the lawns look perfect. So many companies in our area don't let the lawns look real good, clippings on top, clippings in beds, missed area's with the mower, poor string trimming, poor communication. We also communicate well with the clients. If they want the grass higher thats what they get, they are paying the bills, we aim to please them. We don't cut the grass to short and we only take weekly cuts. We are going with 30 inch mowers and looking to cut lawns 18,00 and down. I have all my lawns within 5 miles of my house and I have a lock on two huge developements were people come to me after seeing our work. Most of the time I don't bid against anyone, because they see our work and know they can trust us on there lawn. I add in aeration, tanbarking, and hedges. There is great profit in aerating small lawns. I did three in an hour at my $65 dollar min. I plan on getting two to three lawns done in an hour with a crew. 40 times 3 is a good gross. The main thing is keeping your expenses down 30 inch mowers and 17 inch billy goat aerators. There really is good money in small lawns. I know I have to walk, but staying in shape is not a bad thing!
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