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tell me more

I completely understand the inadequacy of my budget, but I have consistently heard that spending $3,000 at huster or bad boy or gravely or exmark is going to certainly be better than going to home depot to get something similar. Would you disagree with that? I mean it would certainly be easier to go to home depot, and it would likely be cheaper. I guess that I have been convinced that getting a fabricated deck and kawi mower on the huster raptor for example is worth going to huster for as compared to whatever I might pick up at home depot. I completely understand that what I'm looking for is not for a lawn mowing service and most of you are not looking for a mower only for their yard, but I would like a mower that will last me for eight or ten years instead of being replaced in three or four and I have gathered on here that if I go with one of these dealer brands I am much more likely to get that. Am I wasting money going with one of these brands for my yard?

Thanks guys.
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