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This drives me crazy. I always have a add on craigslist. I have my customers, but having more isn't a bad thing. What I can't stand, there's two guys on my side of the state that are willing to travel up to 30 miles from there location willing or advertising lawns cut for $25. How do they do this? Just mow, trim and blow. On mileage, fuel cost and equipment repair how do they stay afloat. Add says been servicing for the last 25 years family owned. Another is doing the same thing more local for $18. Going rate is min of $25-$35 around here. I lost a customer last year to one of these guys. Was charging $40 for mow, trim, blow, including taking the debre. Customer wanted it done for less, I couldn't. Got replaced by the $25 guy. Showed up every other week to cut, missed spots, didn't do a fall clean up. Didn't even plow during the winter. I watched her shovel out her driveway this winter by herself. Felt bad for her, I wasn't going to help. I was waiting for her to ask, never happened. Hope she learned paying the cheap guy always comes with a price.
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