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Originally Posted by oldcrappymower View Post
I completely understand the inadequacy of my budget, but I have consistently heard that spending $3,000 at huster or bad boy or gravely or exmark is going to certainly be better than going to home depot to get something similar.
If you're talking about zero turns in the 3k range, I don't believe there's going to be much of a difference. The Ariens I mentioned is basically a home owner Gravely. The dealer home owner type Toro is probably going to be the same Toro that home depot is selling. The only benefit I can see is the dealer will be more willing to service equipment you buy from them.

Originally Posted by oldcrappymower View Post
I would like a mower that will last me for eight or ten years instead of being replaced in three or four and I have gathered on here that if I go with one of these dealer brands I am much more likely to get that.
Honestly, if you're only mowing your yard, I would expect to get 8-10 years out of the home owner zeros... assuming proper maintenance. I don't think you're going to get solid equipment in the 3k range. Unless, as someone mentioned on here, you buy a used commercial walk behind with a sulky for 3k. In reality, that's where you're at IF... you truly want a superior mower. But when they break, commercial mowers cost more to fix.

You can slice that apple as many times as you want but in the end, 3k gets you 3k's worth.
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