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Originally Posted by wildstarblazer View Post
I read up on some of those bifen products. It seems that because you only need such small amounts of product, it is hard to accurately broadcast a large area. I mean how do you make a pound of granuals stretch an acre. The liquid you could do but still need a lot of carrier. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm thinking a back pack is not gonna cut it for large areas.
I really do not know of any Bifenthrin granular product that would only call for 1lb per acre. Some of the baits get applied 1-1.5lbs per acre but I put those out with a Solo chest spreader on large areas or a hand spreader on smaller areas, plus the baits do not need to be perfect coverage or overlaps so you can skip several feet in between and they do not need watered in.

The only time I use a Bifenthrin granular is the one that is sand based in bed areas when my tank has not been cleaned well.

Yes I personally would not want to apply Bifen out of a backpack on large areas because of the amount of water needed for Fire ants. I have sprayed out of my Permagreen at .5 gallon per K for Chinch Bugs when they have good irrigation.

I guess you could drench all mounds and then spray at a lower carrier if they have good even irrigation.
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