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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Don't get caught up in the fabbed deck vs stamped deck BS, cause that's exactly what it is. ...... I'm talking about a JD 325/335/345 series machine with 48" or 54" decks, or even the newer 300X series machines for that matter. You can use it for lots of other stuff around your place too, like snow removal.
Since you seem to have discarded any posts about a walk-behind with a sulky, I think we can assume you wish to sit, not walk or stand. Fair assumption?

Also, we still haven't heard anything about your property, such as terrain, slopes, obstacles, etc. We have seen no pics, so are not able to understand your needs very well.

Ridin' gives some good advice here. Yes, the fab vs. stamped deck can be a red-herring in the discussion for a home-owner use. I too use a 7-Iron JD deck on my ZTR -- outstanding deck, and stamped.

But, he has good points regarding a upper-level tractor. No, we aren't talking about the box store JD products, rather the model lines he suggests. You can buy a great JD tractor, with mowing deck, sit down while mowing, and use it for many other tasks around your property. If you have that kind of acreage, undoubtedly there are many other tasks needed for maintenance. Buy a small trailer, snow plow, and other attachments, and you have a versatile machine. It would probably do a comparable mowing job as the box-store ZTR. But, it may not manage slopes. We don't know if this is even a consideration, however.
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