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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
In good turf 60 degrees isn't going to allow CG to germinate... these tests only work in thin or barren regions of the lawn that recieve a heavy dose of sun at some point during the day...

Do you ever cooperate with a h.o. that wants to grow sees in the Spring???
In the past I have always treated all the lawns with Pre-M. However with the drought last year, many have bare spots and seeding is going to be in order. Therefore Pre-M is only going on lawns that have significant crab grass problems. Lawns that have it under control are going to get straight fertilizer.

My conundrum is the Signature brand poly coated sulphur coated urea fertilizer has either Barricade or Dimension in it. They do not carry it without at my source so I have to find another vendor. It's too bad, I like this fertilizer a lot, good slow release and spreads excellent.

I have dealt with JD landscapes/Lesco for chemicals and was not impressed.

I just opened an account with Reinders. Anybody know anything about this Nutri-sphere - N slow release fertilizer they carry.
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