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Split your seed into two part's and mix well with two twenty-five Lbs. application's of milorganite. Spread that seed in two direction's (see diagram) Do not let the seedling's dry out. Water for 15-20 minute's at 6 am, 11am,
4pm and 7pm until you see green growth. water using that schedule for 1 week after that, then cut out 1 watering, i suggest watering at 6am, 12pm and 6pm for a month after that. For the following 2 week's water at 6am and 4pm. after you have good establishment water when needed ONLY early in the morning, alway's water early in the morning after that.

Hybrid bermuda need's 3/4 - 1 Lb. of Nitrogen monthly from May through Sept. Do not overseed the bermuda the first winter.

You see that blue hue on the seed, that's the fungicide coating. You don't have to worry about disease's with bermuda in full sun. I have sprayed fungicide on a bermudagrass tee one time in twenty-five year's, and that was because of too much shade and water. Good luck.
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