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Originally Posted by Skidsteerman View Post
Cat is switching the MFG of their minis over to Wacker.

HP does not make the big difference in mini's - the hydraulic power does.
Why piss away $$$ in excess burnt fuel digging the same hole a more economical machine can dig? Bobcat always had roughly ~10HP more in their same size units as ours, but we could out dig their units with stronger hydraulics and were much smoother while doing so.

Some G series photos. Larger door opening and one piece door. larger cab as well.
CAT is only Wacker from the 302.7D and down. All other minis 303.5E up to 308E are CAT and will be built in Georgia starting with the 308E starting late this summer.

Do you just think hydraulic pumps make power on their own? HP does make a difference when you are driving a hydraulic pump under load. Part of your digging power comes from hp that is able to maintain the pressure and flow of the pump when it is working hard.
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