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Originally Posted by Skidsteerman View Post
Ummm that's what hydraulics do, create power. Yes, it takes engine HP toturn the pumps but excess HP is just pissing $$$ out your exhaust filter <- yes tier 4 uses a exhaust filter.

In all the years selling these Deere mini excavators, I've never had a complaint for lack of hydraulic power and I can not ever recall a time while digging with them myself taxing the engine to stall out. I've put my fair share of hours on most all our size minis except the 27 and that's only because we don't stock many of that size.

The design of the hydraulics in our mini excavators don't require excessive HP to turn them while under max load.

The Deere 60D was the only mini with an econo / power switch. Now the new G series it will come in most of the models. Power mode for hard digging and econo for light excavation work.
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Just for the record, I never said the Hitachi/Deere minis were bad units in the first place. And multiple OEMs offer an "Eco Mode".

So before the 6% drop in engine hp Deere's D's were just inefficient machines pissing $$$ out their exhaust? I'd be willing to bet that most of the hydraulic guts- hystat and aux pumps are still the same. I don't think it has anything to do with developing more efficient performance, but more to do with emissions and getting below a mandated hp threshold. BTW...didn't they just go with a simple EGR since it's under 75hp. No real hoops to jump through under 75hp, and I think it's even easier under 38hp.

Sounds like Bobcat's mantra- If you can't fix it, feature it!

Hystat pump flow was reduced 4% probably to increase aux flow by 3%, ground speed was decreased 6% (doesn't mean much) and the standard counterweight was increased 6%.

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