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Hi Adam,

Yeah, I'm lucky because My Organic Compost Center screens their material really well. But that's a nice set up you have there.

I was going to make a ramp in the rear of my dump trailer, but since it sits so high....I just scoop the organic compost into the Ecolawn Spreader. Here's a few pictures of My Set-up.

I shovel from the top of the trailer and it takes about 3 minutes for me to fill the Ecolawn Hopper....and about 35 seconds to empty it. But the top of the Ecolawn Spreader is almost parallel to the dump trailer (3.5 inches off) but its still good to gravity doesn't work that much against me.....compared to shoveling it off the ground.

I can empty My Dump Trailer (7' x 16') by myself in 3.5 hours. That includes broadcasting new grass seed in the yard, fill and empty the Ecolawn Spreader, and Spread a little over 10,000 pounds of Organic Compost.

Yes, its a I don't go to the gym during the Spring, Summer, Fall months!!!

I also have an aluminum step stool that makes getting into the dump trailer easier.

Yeah, I would skip the Tundra Truck....they ride nice but you're right....can't hold much weight. I used to have a 2003 Toyota Tundra and when I would hook up My Red Load would drop in the rear pretty good. Great driving truck....but not good with heavy weights.

Have her take the dump truck. I should in a week or two have pictures of My carrier that carries My Ecolawn Spreader. It's your normal hitch 2" and it holds the spreader great! Comes with two little ramps and you might be able to fill up your drump truck with sand and then carry the Ecolawn Spreader off the hitch.?.? Just a thought.

So get My stuff out of storage in a week or two...then I will post the pictures. Good luck!!!
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