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Simple job advice

I am currently working on a bid for a small landscape job. When I say small I mean the bed is 18' x 7' along the customer's driveway. Currently there are two unkempt junipers that are going to be removed as part of the job. The rest of the job entails installing one of two different types of edging and excavating the bed out to allow for 3" of gravel to be spread inside it.

I talked to the customer about the edging, and the two choices are simple metal edging, or a double stack of 4x6 limestone blocks. This is where my question comes in. I have come up with seven man hours to remove the bush, excavate and install metal edging/fabric and spread gravel. If the customer chooses the limestone edging I will add two more man hours for the extra prepping and material I will need. Do you guys feel I'm in the ballpark on the total hours estimated?
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