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Originally Posted by Advanced Wall Structures View Post
Why ISO over SAE in an ex?

I switched from H-pattern to ISO in skid steers 2 years ago and could never go back because of how touchy and quick newer machines are but with excavators it's a completely different story with having movement on the foot pedals.

Also just get used to using the foot pedals for moving the ex around. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable/nervous than a guy using the hand levers to move an excavator around because they always just watch the left track and never the boom/stick/attachment and where it is.

Jump-turns are your friend, especially on bigger machines with wider pads.
ISO because when you move to bigger iron most machines that dont have a pattern changer are ISO. So if your familiar with ISO from the start its never an issue. That is not the case with SAE. You can change the hyd lines on the valve bank but its a pain and you have to know the machine to pull that off without experimenting. If I could do it again I would have learned ISO, since I went from wobble sticks on a backhoe, it became second nature to run SAE in an excavator. It has bitten me numerous times, but I am not interested in learning to run ISO at this point.
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