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Originally Posted by 20/20 View Post
Atleast you got a responce, and why sugar coat it? In that persons mind you were higher then what "they" thought the job should be. I'd rather get a responce like that then none at all, or a nastygram . I don't see where it was all that bad, it was up front and probably in there opinion honest. In away nice to see someone not being PC correct or not giving an answer at all. More then likely they'll learn that the work doesn't come for free and if they want it done correct it will cost. On the other hand maybe they got burnt before on a contracting job, and are leery of contracters all together? I know that it has happened to me in the past, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
I'm as anti-sugar coating as they come. LOL - look at the thread where someone yesterday spent 5 minutes typing to tell me all about myself! LOL (then he lost his effectiveness with stooping to curse words)

The lady was being nasty she probably passes big trucks in unsafe manner only to advance one car length!!

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