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Nobody on this site can calculate what price your company should bid a job because only you know what your overhead will be and the capabilities of your crew. When I bid a job I price the materials, estimate the time we will be on the job, factor in what my overhead will be (vehicle usage, equipment usage, fuel cost, misc, etc.) factor in a contingency based on what I think my risk exposure is (i.e. running into unforeseen costs), and finally add in the profit my company needs to make the job worth my time so to speak. If I do not get a contract on the job then one of two things must be happening: Either we will be out doing other jobs that are generating the profit I desire so there is no reason for me to exhaust my resources on a job a customer is not willing to pay for. Or there are other companies out there who have become more efficient with their resources than myself, I can no longer keep a full schedule and I need to reevaluate my overhead, labor expense, marketing strategy, etc. Find the deficiency and mitigate the problem or I would ultimately go out of business.

If I am missing something someone please fill me in but as a business owner I feel it is my responsibility to have confidence when I bid that I was fair in my pricing to both the client and my company. I hope that when I loose a bid to another company it was because they did a better job of selling the product or their company than myself and to the victor goes the spoils.

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