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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
Is this a factory (OEM) replacement belt per your unit model and serial number ?

I asked this question for a reason, And now we'll see why.....

Originally Posted by Banksy View Post
I simply measured the old broken one and bought one from AS just using that measurement. That one did it too, but it got me through the rest of last season. I went to the dealer to get the right one figuring that would fix it, but it didn't and the two are nearly identical in length.

After reading the above I did some look'n around without your model number, I found ALL walkbehind 48" decks both floating and fixed require the same belt.

Now, The fact that you bought belts by measuring length doesn't mean your getting the correct belt. Even going to your dealer doesn't mean he sold you the correct belt, Dealers can't stock every OEM belt so they stock cheaper aftermarket belts, Most have a full wall in increments by the inch since standard generic belts only come that size unless it's a OEM "replacement" belt which will be the exact length and make up as the OEM.

Here's where I believe your issue lies;

The aftermarket belts you've bought are wrapped belts as that's standard unless it's labeled as OEM "replacement".....

Wrapped belt;

Your machine requires a raw edge belt;

Installing a wrapped belt in place of a raw edge belt or vise-versa can cause the issue your having, I've seen it first hand many times.....

The OEM belt you need for your machine is part # 2722160, It's also available in a aftermarket "OEM replacement", It's 5/8"x 73 3/8" long and is raw edged..... Once this belt is installed engage the deck with engine off and adjust the two flat bar belt guides under the engine, The flat part of the guide should be parallel with the belt and 1/8 to 3/16" from touching the belt.

With this done your belt chirp'n/skip'n/flop'n issue should be history......
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