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Danblaze- I'll let DVS fight his own battle but I can assure you that having high quality professional photographs on your website or in your printed marketing materials will sell jobs! Each year on a beatiful summer day, I drive my photographer around to the jobs I completed to attempt to recreate the shots you see in the catalogues. I'm not going to tell you all my secrets to set up the shoots but there is work involved.

She then edits the best pics and I use them in my marketing. I'm dying for the yards to green up so we can do a photoshoot of last years projects so I can update my materials and show Suzy Homemaker that I can do what's in that giant Techo catalogue.

Our manufactures pay a ton for that photography and those catalogues. We all can learn from them.

I think it only costs me $400 or so. I would pay $1,400 in a heartbeat and I hate parting with my hard earned cash. My pictures sell jobs.
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