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Dallisgrass in Centipede Lawn

For the longest time I thought I had Crabgrass but after some research it appears its in fact Dallisgrass. From everything i've read, it seems the only way to kill it is to dig it up or spot treat with round-up and have grass take over. I'm almost certain that it is in fact Dallisgrass since the blades sprout from a point in the center and branch out. I bought some Image Crabgrass Killer that is safe for Centipede. Upon reading the paper insert in the box, it also says it controls and suppresses Dallisgrass, however, after an application there doesn't seem to be any harm done to the Dallisgrass. Does anyone know if Image will work to kill it? Do I need to do multiple applications? Any other ideas on how to kill it would be appreciated as well.

Digging up is not an option due to the amount that has invaded my lawn, so if spot treatment of round-up is the best option, are there any tips that will help me do as little damage to the lawn as possible?

Thanks in advance.....
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