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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
From the start of my business, there was a zero tolerance policy. I was right. The few times I tolerated price shopping or being treated like an hourly laborer, the relationship did not last for other reasons. They were unhappy with my price, next fault would be found with something I did. Hagglers and price shoppers are some of the most ungrateful people I know. They always think they are not getting their money's worth. People are told what their job costs. Attempts to dissect that are taken as a sign that they want to purchase their own product and have the work done by an unqualified laborer.
This is so true. I had a few of these a few years back and I dropped them bc I wasn't going to listen to the complaints each week about minute stuff. That and they were underbid(which was my fault). All of my customers now appreciate me and the work I do. Those are the people I want to keep and keep getting more of.
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