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Anngry Customer/ Thatching/ Im extremely frustrated.

A customer calls us 1/10 thatching jobs (may be exaggerating) where they go out the next week with a rake and pick up a bag full of thatch. They then call, proceed to tell us the job we did was poor, and explain they shouldn't have to pay the bill.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Last season we decided that we were going to drop thatching jobs all together because of this exact scenerio but then decided to continue doing them this spring. I train my guys 1 on 1 and make sure every-job they do is 100% perfection. In fact I have them catalog with their phones how many yards/buckets were removed from each property.

I am frustrated because 1.) I am going to lose out on revenue that is rightfully mine. 2.) the customer is unhappy and will never use our services again.

What do you guys do about this bs
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