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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I'm hoping that going to a smaller displacement engine in skids and CTL's isn't going to turn out like Ford's powerstroke when it went from 7.3 to 6.0 and bumped hp and torque up considerably. I just had two heads go out in my 6.0 which only has 84k miles and has had all scheduled maintenance, been driven gently, and still had it's share of EGR and other emission-related problems.

I'm in a Bobcat s750 which has the displacement but lacks the torque. Only lately as the engine has hit close to 750 hours have I noticed that I can stall the machine fairly easy binding up the mulcher or while digging.
I too am curious to see what the G series JD does when put through it's paces. I think the feedback from the CASE guys has been favorable with the smaller displacement motors in the bigger machines but how they will hold up over time remains to be seen. I personally like the design of the current series and was interested in the improvements that were coming to the E's.
All my past experiences with Yanmar (1988 and older) have been all good. They have their science down with great performance , excellent reliability (as long as its serviced) and decent on fuel consumption.

When Takeuchi dropped the Yanmar in their TL150 to go with a Kubota in their TL250, the number one complaint was lack of power from operators I've talked to. So I guess we'll see how well Yanmar does in our sslders and ctls.

As far as the ford 6.0 goes, well it isn't the small displacements fault for all that engines problems. I recently had a friend do a **** ton of work on his 6.0. The tech he hired to preform all his engine work replaced the heads with brand new IH heads. Both blew head gaskets when the truck was under load pulling. He had ARP studs in it as well. Before they blew the gaskets, one of the new heads dropped a valve seat in a few miles out of the shop.

They say you're better off machining your old heads.
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