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It can get really agravating sometimes. Just last week I met with a neighbor of mine who recently moved in.... "Hey mr landscaper come over one night and give me an estimate" he proceeded to tell me how he doesn't want the Taj Mahal, he will remove the shrubs to save money etc etc... He says he needs to be at 2k budget. I draw up a plan, (after he called me 2 days after our initial visit to see if I had it finished yet) and met with him. After I left, I got a text "very professional, but its out of the budget, maybe next year" now mind you I came in under the budget he gave me..... Its amazing even neighbors don't value your time and think you will just come and give them a free design (which I obviously did, but it was only because it was a neighbor. i do not leave designs unless i leave with a deposit check) Can't wait for a week from now when I see him trying to install my landscape plan.
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